A New Boozy Brunch Favorite

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Seeing Jack means delicious drinks are about to happen.

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The nicest gesture possible is handing someone a cocktail.

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Everyone needs to try The Ariana.

    We love boozy brunch: the food, the friends and especially the bubbly. But even the best things in life can be improved upon and this past Saturday our friend Jack showed us how. He brought his delicious Sorel Hibiscus Liquor ($28), a spirit made by fermenting the root of the hibiscus flower, that goes well in almost any drink and is equally amazing on its own. We mixed it with one of our favorite bubblies, Zardetto Prosecco Brut Treviso ($13) and discovered our new brunch favorite, which Jack calls β€œThe Ariana.”

    The Ariana

    • 1 Champagne flute
    • 2 oz Sorel Liqueur
    • 3 oz Prosecco

    Pour Prosecco into champagne flute and finish with Sorel. Sip and smile.