A Pet-Friendly Wine

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We recently started carrying wines produced by Brooklyn Oenology and one of them has a special place in our hearts. The Friend Riesling ($22) reminds us of autumnal apple sweetness, with crisp mineral notes and a touch of honey. But we really love it because its proceeds go to the Project for Pet Food Safety. Winemaker Alie Shaper lost her own canine companion and channeled her energy into this wine:

“Every year thousands of pets are affected by poorly made food. They are our companions and family members, sentient beings that require and deserve quality sustenance as much as humans - but there are very few regulations that govern pet food quality. In honor of my own friend, a portion of the sales of every bottle of Brooklyn Oenology ‘Friend’ Riesling will be donated to causes that support making food safe for all of our friends.”

Drink wine and help protect our best friends at the same time. We’re all about that.