Biodynamic Wines

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Biodynamic—Biodynamic farming is the oldest movement in agriculture that rejects all chemicals and additives—biodynamics predates the organic farming movement by about 20 years! They’re the kingpin of eco-practices, embracing both organic and sustainable farming principles while also syncing planting, pruning and harvesting with the lunar cycle. It’s a holistic view of viticulture, that connects everything from soil to stars.

There are two different biodynamic certifications—Demeter and Biodyvin. Both groups follow similar principals, highlighting environmental health and social responsibility to their communities and their workers. Demeter wrote a great explainer:

“Fertility is generated via the integration of livestock, compost and green manure, nutrient catch crops, and careful crop rotation. Disease and insect control are addressed through botanical species diversity, predator habitat, balanced crop nutrition, and attention to light penetration and airflow. Weed control emphasizes prevention, including timing of planting, mulching, and identifying and avoiding the spread of invasive weed species.”

Biodynamic vineyards maintain biodiverse ecosystems that result in low-interventionist wines, capturing the essence of their local terroir. Their compost also gets a special treatment—it’s stuffed into cow horns and buried underground until it’s softened into fertilizer sprinkled across the vineyard.

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