BK Events Series: Peck’s Homemade

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For the second installment of our Brooklyn Events blog series that features Brooklyn venues, caterers and event planners, we interviewed our beloved neighbor, Peck’s Homemade.

Peck’s is our local gourmet one-stop-shop for everything delicious and, you guessed it, homemade. They bake their own breads and pastries, cure their own meats and pickle their own veggies. What they don’t make in-house, they carry from top producers, including imported cheeses and charcuteries and craft beer.

Why do we love Peck’s? First of all, quality. You know what you’re getting from owner Theo and his crew is going to be top notch and fresh. Take for example, their house-made Pastrami sandwich (Theo’s favorite!). It’s brined for 10 days, smoked for 8 hours and then sliced onto marble rye bread with horseradish mustard and homemade pickles. Lots of love goes into their meals, from rotisserie chickens to casseroles to matzo ball soup.

Pro tip: Up the ante at your next fancy cocktail-style soiree or casual Sunday football get-together with an amazing spread of goodies. Pick up a variety of cheeses, meats, jams, crackers and pickles, throw it all together and impress your guests.

Stop by Peck’s at 455A Myrtle Avenue for all your homemade comfort food and let us help with wine pairings!