BK Events Series: The Cheeky Chef

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The Cheeky Chef is a small Brooklyn catering company led by private chef Linda Sarris. Linda trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York, and then gained most of her cooking expertise hands-on in Italy.

The Cheeky Chef specializes in intimate gatherings where Linda can tell stories as the meal is served and then mingle with the guests. Every dish starts with the best ingredients: Linda forms close relationships with her fishmongers and importers to make sure she gets top notch products. All that deliciousness is passed onto her lucky diners.

Pro tip: Linda’s favorite dish, and perhaps the one she’s most well known for, is pasta alle vongole. Her balance of fresh manilla clams, spicy peperoncino and savory garlic is the stuff of dreams. If you get cheeky for your next dinner party or small event, make sure it’s on the menu and pair it with our Fondo Antico I Versi Bianco. This native Sicilian white is a Cheeky Chef pick because it’s a dreamy match for seafood dishes.

Contact The Cheeky Chef to book an event and live vicariously thorugh Linda’s foodie adventures on Instagram. Loop us in for delectable wine pairings!