Black Lives Matter

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Dear friends and neighbors:

As the terrible news of the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd spread across the country, it became clear that, yet again, protests were needed to signal that this country urgently needs to take action to address its racism.

These protests are necessary and justified. We support them wholeheartedly.

Black folx are enduring racist oppression and discrimination in every facet of their lives, some of which started even before birth, when their Black mothers were denied equitable health care.

White people cannot fathom this depth of suffering. It is our responsibility as a society and as a community to honor the anger and grief that is pouring out into our streets. Our failure to respond or adequately address the structural and systemic racism in this country, or to make fair reparations for many generations of suffering, is grievous and unforgivable.

The only way forward is to join the fight for Black lives and support the demand for change. Below you’ll find some of the ways Tipsy is supporting this movement, and ideas for how you can join in.

Supporting Black businesses

Here is a list of Black-owned businesses on Myrtle Avenue. I hope you’ll follow them on social media and become a regular, if you aren’t already:

Brooklyn Sweet Spot

Brooklyn Lobster

Buff Patty NYC

Clinton Hill Sandbox

Duncan’s Quality Fish Market

Just Because Salon

Klevor Wine & Spirits

Miracles on Myrtle

Move with Grace

RBM Brokerage


Salon 718

Salon Rhed

Shic By Soketah


South Bridge Fitness

The Spot for Art

Vitality Health Wellness Bar


Connecting to community

The Myrtle Avenue BID posted excellent guidance on their Facebook and Instagram. I also encourage you to follow the BID for ongoing information on where and how to help; the BID team’s focus is on supporting business owners, but they have simultaneously led significant efforts to support the most vulnerable members of our community.

Giving locally

In the meantime, this feels like the right moment to share some of the efforts we’ve made, as well as some further ideas for ways for all of us to continue to support the fight for Black lives.

As an essential business owner, I committed in March to sharing our profits with local people and organizations who were taking care of our community during the COVID crisis. This is a list of the organizations that Tipsy profits have supported in the last three months, in addition to annual planned giving and on top of personal charitable gifts. Feel free to join us by making your own contributions to these important organizations, if that is possible for you, and following them on social media to stay abreast of their activities:

BedStuy Strong

Bring Back Brooklyn Fund

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Fort Greene NYCHA Mutual Aid

The Foundation for New York’s Strongest

ICL’s Two Bridges Women’s Shelter

Meals for East Flatbush First responders

Myrtle Avenue BID

Transportation Union Widows & Orphans Fund

Expressing gratitude

Additionally, the global pandemic we’re currently facing has highlighted the ever-present economic disparities faced by Black people. In the coming days, we will also be acknowledging the front-line workers, largely BIPOC, on whom we have all relied to keep our city running during the pause. We’ll also be providing tools for you to join us in our appreciation; we hope you will take a few moments to give thanks and signal your support in the ways available to you.

A (more) personal note

As a white woman who owns a business in a historically Black neighborhood, I know that I have much to learn and even more to do. I commit to this effort today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. I welcome your feedback and questions as I strive to be an effective ally and as I raise a child to understand both our privilege and our responsibilities. I am willing to share the resources I find, to have difficult conversations, and most importantly, to defer to those whose first-hand experience has earned them the authority to lead.

In solidarity and with love,