Cocktail Crafting Queen—Julie Reiner

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Julie Reiner merges the art and science of cocktails. As a mixologist, founder of Clover Club and Leyenda and the author of The Craft Cocktail Party, she’s innovated and elevated cocktail culture in NYC over the past two decades (with countless accolades to show for it!)

Julie hasn’t only impacted the industry through her craft knowledge; she’s also lifted up new voices within the world of hospitality, giving opportunities and mentorship to employees and staff. Ivy Mix, co-owner with Reiner at Leyenda, says:

“She owns bars, she’s a mother, and an out woman with a wife. She did a lot of stuff in her life that hasn’t been easy. But she chose the path less traveled. […] People have brand work, they have 401(k)’s, and they probably wouldn’t be where they are without Julie.”

Julie co-founded Social Hour canned cocktails in 2020 with fellow veteran bartender Tom Macy. “Social Hour” is the expression Tom’s grandparents used for “cocktail hour”—and embodies what the founders consider the greatest value of a good cocktail: their ability to bring people together.

Cheers us with a Social Hour Cocktail today!