Earth Month Spotlight: Deanston Distillery

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Deanston Distillery, established in 1966 by Scottish entrepreneur Richard Day, is a whisky distillery with a commitment to sustainability and rich spirits. Located in the village of Deanston near Stirling, this distillery is powered by a hydroelectric generator, which harnesses the power of the nearby River Teith to produce electricity. Deanston also uses heat recovery systems to capture and reuse waste heat from the distilling process, and has implemented a closed-loop cooling system that minimizes water waste. In addition, the distillery recycles as much waste as possible, including glass, cardboard, and plastics.

Deanston produces a range of single-malt whiskies. One of their unique selections is the Deanston Virgin Oak Single Malt, which is aged in new oak barrels made from sustainable forests in the Ozark Mountains. This whisky has a rich and complex flavor profile, with notes of vanilla, toffee, and honey, as well as a spicy finish.

The Deanston Virigin Oak Single Malt ($41) is a unique expression that showcases the distillery’s commitment to quality and sustainability, so pick up a bottle at Tipsy!

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