In the Neighborhood

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When we saw artist Gavin Snider’s drawing of our block on Twitter, we loved it so much that we invited him to exhibit. Then we found out he lives in our neighborhood!

Gavin is an illustrator and designer who came to New York from Kansas, by way of Kansas City. He draws to slow down the world, to better understand the places and people around them. His drawings are a form of urbanism, the study of city life. As he practices architecture by day, much of Gavin’s work focuses on buildings, but it extends to album art, gig posters, music, sports, animals and the natural world.

The illustrations in this show were selected from the past year in New York City. Most every Sunday afternoon he picks a location—whether a famous landmark or an unfamiliar neighborhood—packs up a notebook, a ballpoint pen and a few markers and goes to draw. The idea is not new, but it is one he encourages: Become a tourist in your own city.

You can see his work at You can also find sweatshirts and prints of his Myrtle Avenue illustration across the street at Leisure Life.

Want to commission an original illustration, buy one of the drawings you see in the windows, or get a print of any piece in this show? Email him at