Organic / Sustainable / Biodynamic / Natural / Vegan

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Organic, sustainable, biodynamic, natural—there are a lot of different eco-practices in the winemaking world these days! In honor of Earth Day this month, we’re taking a deeper look into the practices and pioneers of each of these categories. We’ve covered what each of these terms means before, but we’ll be doing a deeper dive on each category this month.

We’ll also be highlighting winemakers who focus producing earth-friendly wines—some eco-practices are less commercially regulated, and are built on broader, earth-conscious philosophies in the winemaking world. Natural wine, for example, is a general movement in wine culture without official government regulation. Wines labeled “organic,” however, are strictly regulated in the USA and EU, although the certification process and regulation differs between the two.

All of these eco-practices are ultimately driven and inspired by a commitment to the environment that respects the vines and earth they grow from. This month, however, we’ll be exploring the complexity of these different designations, and spelling out exactly what they mean in the winemaking world.

Take a journey with us this month while we explore these eco-practices and winemakers from around the globe! Sip along with us—perhaps use this as a chance to try some of our eco-friendly bottles.