Rightfully Riesling

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Riesling is a mainstay varietal due in no small part to its incredible ability to express the unique terroir of wherever it is grown. Originating in Germany (where it is referred to as Riesslingen), this internationally grown grape comes in many varieties. And the 13th isn’t just a random date— it’s a birthday celebration!

March 13, 1435 marks the date of the first written evidence of the grape, listed on an invoice. Pretty crazy when you think about how far the vine has grown, isn’t it? Happy birthday to you, Riesling. May we raise our glasses.

Johannes Zillinger Velue Riesling 2.0 ($25) Citrus and tropical fruit make themselves known here, with a hint of slate.

Sheldrake Point Dry Riesling ($17) Dry and tangy, with a smooth minerality.

Reichsrat Von Buhl Bone Dry Riesling ($22) Zippy, zingy, peachy keen.

Eva Fricke Riesling ($33) Tropical, floral, and made by a master.

Gunderlach GG Pettenthal ($76) Complex; coconut and licorice meet juicy citrus. Cellar worthy.

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