Spring Sale Highlights: Antico Colle Toscana Rosso

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This bottle comes from the Vino Nobile region of Italy, a legendary region that produced wines favored by such writers as Fracesco Redi and Voltaire.

Antico Colle Toscana Rosso is made of 70% Prugnolo Gentile grapes, a Sangiovese clone. What is a wine clone? A wine clone is “a cutting or budding cut from a ‘mother’ plant or vine’ according to Wine Spectator’s Dr. Vinny.

Cloning comes in handy when trying to plant varietals in different environments. Prugnolo Gentile is known as the Sangiovese clone in Vino Nobile. While it produces Sangiovese grapes, it is made specifically with Vino Nobile’s growth environment in mind.

Try this clone with a roast or a charcuterie platter with cheese!

Antico Colle Toscana Rosso ($15) Juicy, earthy, and floral with a hint of grilled herbs.

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