Spring Sale Highlights: Il Tasso Merlot

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This splendid Merlot comes from a partnership between Fabio Coser’s Ronco dei Tassi and wine importer Domenico Valentino. Before introducing the wines to the US market, Domenico Valentino insisted that Coser create a special label to reflect “great value and character of the region”.

The label features a badger, Ronco dei Tassi’s mascot since its founding over 25 years ago, not because “Tasso” means badger in Italian (although it does!) but as an homage to the badgers that live at the vineyard. Coser chose it to remind himself, his family, and his customers of the rich ecosystem that existed before he touched the land. Staying true to that, the winery also uses sustainable farming practices.

Grab a friendly badger bottle before it’s gone for good!

Il Tasso Merlot ($16) Juicy and dry: Cherries and stone fruit balance acidity.

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