Summer Sip Spotlight: Domaine La Grangette Cocoriko Picpoul Noir

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Picture yourself amidst fields of luscious strawberries beside a rushing river, as you find yourself captivated by every sip of Domaine La Grangette’s Cocoriko Picpoul Noir. Cocoriko Picpoul Noir boasts a melody of flavors, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, complemented by hints of violets and lavender. Its refreshing minerality, makes it a unique and exciting choice that we love to sip on warm summer evenings.

Domaine La Grangette’s storied past dates back to the Middle Ages when it was part of the lordship of Baron de Guers. Today, the estate practices sustainable viticulture, respecting the environment and using crops between vines to rejuvenate the soil. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Cevennes, the estate benefits from a terroir rich in old lakes and seas, comprising hard and soft limestone. It’s the only estate to vinify Picpoul in three colors – white, red, and rosé.

Versatile in nature, Cocoriko pairs wonderfully with cheese, chicken, grilled tuna, lentil dishes, pizza, BBQ, kebabs, and more. Embrace your creativity and enjoy this wine with a variety of culinary delights. Let its vibrant notes of Morello cherry, strawberry compote, and black tea lead you on a journey of flavors. Raise a glass to Domaine La Grangette’s Cocoriko Picpoul Noir and indulge in its captivating symphony of flavors, and let it transport you to a place of pure delight and sustainability.

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