Summer Sip Spotlight: Mariotti Smarazen

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Travel to the Adriatic Coast without leaving your home with Mariotti Smarazen. This wine will not only conjure up images of crystal clear waters and Mediterranean breezes but will also bring you back in time. At Mariotti vineyard, the team prides itself on using the tradition of Emilian winemaking with particular attention to the ancestral “refermentation in the bottle,” meaning the wine is first fermented in a concrete tank and then fermented for a second time in bottle. It is a vineyard steeped in tradition that prioritizes keeping the vines as natural as possible; they are all non-grafted and on their own native rootstock.

Mariotti was founded in 1976, but it feels like it has been around for much longer with many of the all-native vines having been planted over a hundred years ago. Adding to its uniqueness is that the vines are planted in beach sand only 300 meters from the Adriatic Sea. Today, the vineyard is run by Mirco Mariotti, who has been collaborating with his sister on the family business since 2009. Mirco works exclusively with local grape varieties growing Fortana for the reds and Trebbiano Romagnolo and Malvasia di Candia for the bianco.

The humid climate and salty sea air give Mariotti wines a unique character, and the vineyard has become known for producing rare, local varieties. A lot of craft, dedication, and patience goes into each bottle. The Smarazen is no exception. The grapes for this wine are harvested manually during the first 10 days of September. They are then pressed and fermented for two weeks. The refermentation then begins, which lasts about 60 days. Finally, each bottle is aged for a few months before being sold. The result is a beautiful, aromatic sparkling wine that tastes of lemon zest, honeycomb, and most notably, salty ocean breeze. It pairs especially well with fish or can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif. It has a depth and evolution of flavors that make it highly drinkable. It is simply bursting with the charm and personality of its hometown.

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