Soju Pioneer—Carolyn Kim

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“I always like to say, ‘Drink different, drink better.’”

Carolyn Kim embraces both her Korean and American heritage through the creation of her unique style of Soju—a spirit that dates back over 800 years in Korea.

Carolyn is a lawyer, mother, and third generation Korean American who had the goal of celebrating her culture and identity through a craft spirit sourced from locally grown grapes.

“Yobo came about at a time when I was really scrunched in. I was raising our toddler twins, working full time, and James was traveling a lot [I was looking] looking for something that isn’t too strong or overpowering, and pairs well with food.”

Yobo Soju is also a family endeavor—Carolyn partners with her husband James in the production of her bottles. She’s also written about the delicious ways you can serve and enjoy Soju in cocktails on her website!

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