Industry Standards—Morgan McLachlan & Amy Atwood

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Morgan Mclachlan

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Amy Atwood

    Happy International Women’s month! In March, we celebrate women in wine and spirits at Tipsy, and showcase a series of profiles about the women behind some of your favorite bottles in the shop! We’ve got an archive of profiles from years past, so feel free to peruse those, too.

    Today we’re spotlighting the collaboration between wine industry veteran Amy Atwood, and Master Distiller Morgan McLachlan—the two renaissance women behind Flora Rose Vermouth.

    Amy Atwood combines a passion for wine and spirits, with her commitment to organic and sustainable products at her company Amy Atwood Selections. While focusing mainly on the production and importation of wine, she’s branched out to include cider, vermouth, and other products as well—which is how Flora Vermouth came to be!

    “[We create] something that people enjoy, whether it’s ice cream, cocktails, or wine. In this case, it’s our delicious [vermouth] and bringing people together!” Morgan Mclachlan has a background in creative arts, film, and theatre, but found a passion in spirit distillation that was inspired by Californian botanicals and flora. She Co-founded The Spirit Guild to bring these unique flavors inspired by her environment to life.”

    These ladies are about their commitment to working with women in the industry, which we wholeheartedly:

    “We have seen incredible support by women and men in the industry, and on a very deliberate level, which is different than how it’s been. Men historically own the spirits brand, the distributor, the distillery. We want to change that and be an example for other women.”

    Celebrate these ladies and their delicious vermouth by picking up a bottle today!