Women Winemakers: Lini Lambrusco’s Alicia Lini

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Lini is a fourth-generation winemaker with her family making lambruscos since 1910 in Italy. They also produce balsamic vinegar!

In an interview with Grape Collective, Lini discusses how her winery has combated the negative perception of lambrusco to create great, lively wines. She attributes this age-old perception to poor-quality exports to the US back then and an audience not used to wine the way they are today. Modern lambruscos are drier than they once were and the great producers defend their quality.

In Lini’s words:

“Lambrusco is a very simple wine that comes from a very complicated story. Because in the past, it’s been destroyed, the name and the fame, because it’s been produced in a very quick way. You can produce, obtain a sparkling Lambrusco in three days, in a week, but our entry level products will stay in the big tank for at least three months. So between a week and three months, there is a world of difference.”

Lini’s lambruscos are amazing on their own and happen to pair well with food, using their light body and fizz to balance rich Italian dishes from the Emilia-Romagna region such as lasagna and tortellini.

Lini 910 Lambrusca Rosso ($18)
Bold, deep raspberry on a dry, bubbly finish.

Lini 910 Lambrusca Rosato ($18)
Pretty in pink floral and fresh cherry bubbles.

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