Averoldi, Notorius Groppello $15

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Gropello, Sangiovese, Marzemino

Herbs and blackberries, hand picked lakeside.

Blue and black berries on the nose. Blackberry, fresh mountan herbs and flowers on the palate. Gropello is a thin-skinned grape aka low tannin! Moraine soils, deposits formed by glaciers, instills this bottle with dark minerality. It is blended with a bit of Sangiovese and Marzemino.

From a family with 4 generations of winemaking. Hand harvested from 3 parcels (one on hill, one by lake (Garda) and one by the winery. They make 3 passes through each of these sites to pick each grape at its peak development.

Practicing Organic

  • Region: Italy / Lombardy / Riviera del Garda Classico
Averoldi, Notorius Groppello