Oltretorrente Colli Tortonesi Rosso $19

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Barbera, Dolcetto

Red and black cherries waltz with strawberries.

Deep, red color. Tart, crunchy red into black fruit, breezy florals, and lots of dusty earth. Tannins are just right—a little grip. Concrete aging gives fresh round appeal rather than masking the tart red fruit with oak.

Husband and wife team in the southern part of Piedmont, quite hilly. The name Oltretorrente means “beyond the stream”, referring to a nearby tributary of the Po river (the Scrivia) but also can translate to “countercurrent”.

Certified Organic, Woman Winemaker

  • Region: Italy / Piedmont / Colli Tortonesi
Oltretorrente Colli Tortonesi Rosso