POE, Van der Kamp Vineyard $40

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Pinot Meunier

A light-bodied blend of pomegranate, cranberry, black peppercorn and forest breezes.

A foot stomped Pinot Meunier from the oldest Pinot vineyard in California! Beautiful light ruby color, on the nose, cran-apple, baking spice, strawberry and forest floor. Palate gives us more tart cranberry, wild strawberries, black peppercorns, pomegranate—something both forbidden and rewarding perhaps. Poetic and alive.

Samantha Sheehan was inspired by Burgundy and Champagne, and is bringing their essence to Napa, which seems like an unlikely marriage at first, but the wines show a grace of a winemaker who wants the fruit and the land to speak, rather than do the talking herself.

Woman Winemaker, Unfined, Unfiltered, Low Sulfite

  • Region: California / Sonoma Mountains
POE, Van der Kamp Vineyard