For our wine club members, we curate a selection of wine every month. We can tailor the selection to your preferences or surprise you with our new favorites. Either way, we’ll make sure you’re getting both the value and convenience of a regular, delightful delivery. (NB: At the moment we can only ship orders to: NY, DC, CA, ID, MO and NM.)

Design Your Own Wine Club:

If you prefer a more custom selection, you can create your own wine club. Simply let us know what you like and what you don’t like, and we’ll put together a selection to match your tastes. Please start by telling us a little bit about your palate and budget. We’ll be in touch with any questions and to work out payment and shipping.

Weekly Weekender Shipment

Our Weekender is a rotating selection of 3 bottles for $35. We curate these special sets ourselves with some of our favorite bottles, and it’s always a great deal. Pick one up in store or sign up for a weekly delivery of the Weekender; it even comes with its reusable own carrying case.

Blue Apron Wine Pairings

Every week we’ll update this new 3 bottle pack to match this week’s Blue Apron menu. There are two different packs, one for the omnivore meal plan and one for the vegetarian plan. See the current menu here.

Our subscriptions:

From $51
Blue Apron Vegetarian Wine Pairings

Get three bottles of wine that match each of your three vegetarian Blue Apron meals this week: Vegetable Fried Rice, Fresh Basil Fettuccine, and Chipotle Sweet Potato & Quinoa Bowl respectively.

From $40
Blue Apron Omnivore Wine Pairings

Get three bottles of wine that match each of your three omnivore Blue Apron meals this week: Spiced Beef Wraps, Seared Chicken in Coconut-Peach Broth, and Cavatelli & Shrimp respectively.

From $35
Weekly Weekender

We’ll deliver a weekender to your work or home every Friday! (Or, bring back your box in good condition and you’ll get $1 off your next 3-bottle purchase!)

From $104
Tipsy’s Picks 6 Pack

For the discerning wino with a 1.5-bottle-a-week habit.

From $208
Tipsy’s Picks Full Case

For the discerning wino with a lot of friends.