Hate Has No Business Here

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Our Independence Day campaign is up — in our shop and in businesses along the avenue and across the city.

The project originated in partnership with the Myrtle Avenue BID, whose visionary leadership invites creative ideas and advocates for social justice every day.

Why did we do all of this? Given the diversity in our neighborhood and the activism of so many of our colleagues, we thought a single message and visual could unify the business community to show our support for each other and our neighborhoods. The timing worked out so that we could launch this holiday weekend and we thought it was a perfect chance to reclaim patriotism with a positive message.

With the help of Adam Snetman, one of our favorite designers, we developed a poster and flyer campaign for businesses of Myrtle Avenue and were delighted when it was adopted by 21 other BIDs across Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. The flyers were translated into 9 languages. We also made a little Hate Has No Business Here website where you can download the flyer to put up in your window.

If you spot a poster, flyer or decal, let us know so we can see the solidarity in other neighborhoods. Use the hashtag #nohatehere or email us the pic! We’d also love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this campaign.

Cheers to solidarity.

xo Team Tipsy

PS: Early this morning, we found out that the campaign has been written up in the NY Times and on the BKLYNER website.