Thanksgiving Pairings for a Crowd

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The countdown to T-day has begun! It’s a favorite for some and a stressful holiday for others; in any case, there’s cooking and chaos. You know what makes everything better? Great wine (plus a cocktail thrown in for good measure). From the start of the day until the end, here’s our recipe for fun:

  1. Don’t burn out too early; kick off your afternoon in the kitchen with something light and refreshing. Try an Americano with Campari ($34), Boissiere Sweet Vermouth ($10) and a splash of soda water.

  2. When everyone starts to arrive and you need to break the ice/make things festive, pop a couple bottles of bubbly, toasty Sumarroca Ya Cuvee 23 Brut Reserva Cava ($18). That should buy you more time for finishing touches on all your dishes.

  3. Thanksgiving foods tend to be heavy, so be sure to have a mix of reds and whites that can stand up to the menu. This list of sure-to-please sippers will appeal to a varied crowd:

  • Handley Gewürztraminer ($16) With citrus and lemongrass notes, this bottle is a great counter balance to rich stuffing, gravy and winter vegetables

  • BOE Friend Riesling ($22) This Riesling is slightly off-dry so isn’t super sweet and highlights delicious autumnal apple notes and a touch of honey.. Bonus: some of the proceeds from this bottle go to a project to increase regulations on pet food production; drink great wine and help keep our beloved friends safe.

  • Villa di Corlo Lambrusco Sorbara Primevo ($20) Bone dry, red and bubbly! Festive and fresh, this Lambrusco complements the big flavors on the table, like cranberry and gravy, without overpowering them.

  • Château du Trignon Gigondas ($32) This bottle is for the big, full red wine lovers. It’s a great addition to flavorful, seasoned turkey and brings a lot of character to your Thanksgiving spread.

  • Walter Scott La Combe Verte Pinot Noir ($35) A bright, acidic Pinot Noir like this one is perfect for pairing with a wide variety of foods, including sweet yams, turkey and tart cranberry sauce.