Eve’s Cidery, Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Cider $20

Cheese Chicken Pork Spicy
Hard Cider

Honey, dried herbs, and bittersweet apples.

Aromas of honey, dried herbs, bittersweet apple, and toffee. The mid palate is surprisingly juicy with bright acidity and fresh fruit. The finish is wet shale, and savory.

Started by a woman farmer (Autumn Stoscheck) from her savings as a waitress! Then, when it appeared inevitable that gas drilling using high volume hydraulic fracturing was coming to the area, she organized a meeting of people that resulted in the formation of Shaleshock, an authoritative source of information of the type of gas drilling that is finally being covered by the national media.

Certified Organic, Woman Made

  • Region: New York / Finger Lakes
Eve’s Cidery, Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Cider