Johanna Cécillon Cidre Divona $21

Cheese Chicken Fish Pork
Hard Cider

Funky cheese rinds, baked fruit, almonds, and vanilla.

This is a bit more funky/old world style than Eve’s Cider. Apples, cheese rinds, baked and bruised fruit, brioche toast, forest breezes, with a bit of almonds and vanilla—it screams country-side cottage! Perfect for a roast pork with apples, or hey, just with a croissant for breakfast. Johanna is a third-generation cider producer from Brittany who married a man with wine ties in the Rhone. So they brought the best of their worlds together. She’s using a winemaker’s approach to cider making, and a family press from 1933, along with Hermitage blanc barrels for ageing. The result is a distinctively lithe and feminine cider.

Certified Organic, Woman Made, Unfiltered, No Added SO2

  • Region: France / Brittany
Johanna Cécillon Cidre Divona