Riebeek Cellars Sauvignon Blanc $12

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Sauvignon Blanc

Zesty. Lychee. Pear. Vegetable.

Made from a blend of various vineyards to capture the best characteristics of each, the Riebeek Sauvignon Blanc is an easy-drinking and accessible white wine for everyday enjoyment. Its herbaceous style also offers tropical undertones of gooseberries that add fruit to the palate. Well-balanced with zesty acids, every glassful is fresh and crisp and perfect for warm summer days.

Riebeek Valley is in the Swartland region of South Africa which is called the “bread basket” because of its high grain production.

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  • Region: South Africa / Swartland / Riebeek Valley
Riebeek Cellars Sauvignon Blanc