A Little Love for the Frontline

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Tipsy’s gratitude campaign thanks front line workers.

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Tipsy is raising awareness for postal, sanitation, health care and transportation workers.

    Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve relied heavily on frontline workers to get us through the “pause” period—from caring for our sick to providing transportation for essential workers, to keeping the city sanitary to keeping the lines of communication and commerce open. These folx, many of whom are Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC), are critical to keeping the city running. The nature of their jobs has made them extremely vulnerable to the virus. And yet, our systems have largely failed to protect and compensate them fairly for the extra risk they bear.

    It’s not fair and we decided to raise awareness with a gratitude campaign.

    We’ve taken additional action, too:

    In support of sanitation workers, Tipsy has made a gift to the Foundation for New York’s Strongest.

    In support of doctors, Tipsy has made a gift to feed first responders at Brooklyn hospitals Meals For East Flatbush.

    In support of transit workers, Tipsy has made a gift to the Transportation Workers Union Local 100 Widows & Orphans Fund

    In support of postal workers, we wrote a letter of support to your congressional representatives.

    We’ve also printed postcards that you can use to thank your mail carrier, sanitation workers, favorite MTA worker and health care worker. Stop by the store to pick some up. If you don’t know someone personally, you can send it to either a local organization (hospital), foundation or union, or use it to advocate on their behalf to our elected officials.

    And yes, we worked with one of our favorite artists, Nia Chavez, a Brooklyn native and Pratt grad to create this beautiful campaign.

    We invite you to join us in solidarity with the frontline workers; we hope you will take a few moments to give thanks and signal your support in the ways available to you.