Summer Sip Spotlight: Ca’ Orologio Salarola

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Nestled amidst the heart of Italy’s prestigious wine region, Ca’ Orologio Vineyard boasts a rich heritage dating back several generations. This family-owned winery has been passionately crafting wines since the early 20th century, passing down the art of winemaking from one skilled vintner to the next.

The vineyard’s name, Ca’ Orologio, translates to “House of Clocks,” a nod to the traditional clock tower that graces the estate’s entrance. This ancient timepiece has stood tall for centuries, a silent witness to the evolution of winemaking techniques and the creation of remarkable wines.

At Ca’ Orologio, winemaking is more than just a craft; it is an art form. Each step of the process, from nurturing the vineyards to handpicking the grapes, is infused with a profound sense of dedication and expertise. The vineyard’s team of seasoned vintners combines traditional methods with modern innovations, striving to strike the perfect balance between preserving the legacy of their ancestors and embracing contemporary techniques.

Among the vineyard’s stellar lineup of wines, Ca’ Orologio’s Salarola ($21) stands out as the crown jewel. Crafted with meticulous care and a deep understanding of the terroir, Salarola is a true representation of the region’s essence in every bottle.

This exquisite wine is born from a blend of hand-picked grapes, a harmonious marriage of indigenous varieties, and a touch of secret ingredients that only the Ca’ Orologio vintners know. As you raise a glass of Salarola to your lips, be prepared to be transported to the sun-kissed vineyards of Italy, where the warm Mediterranean breeze caresses the vines.

Salarola tantalizes the senses with its enchanting aroma of ripe fruits and delicate floral notes. Its flavor profile is a symphony of complexity, showcasing layers of luscious berries, hints of spice, and a velvety smoothness that lingers on the palate.

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