Summer Sip Spotlight: Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande

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Are you an adventurous wine enthusiast seeking to explore new and exciting tastes? Look no further than Passionate Wines’ latest gem, the Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande! This exceptional wine is taking the world by storm, promising a revolutionary experience for your taste buds.

Matias Michelini, the visionary founder of Passionate Wine, is an Argentine winemaker known for his sustainable approach and innovative exploration of indigenous grape varieties. His acclaimed creation, Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande, showcases his unwavering commitment to quality and has garnered a devoted following in the wine industry.

Passionate Wines takes great pride in its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. With Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande, you can sip with a clear conscience, knowing that the grapes are sourced from carefully tended vineyards that prioritize environmental stewardship. This wine is a testament to the harmony that can be achieved between nature and winemaking when done with love and respect for the land. With Passionate Wines Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande, you’re not just drinking a wine – you’re joining a revolution of flavors! Embrace the extraordinary and expand your wine horizons with this extraordinary creation that showcases the untapped potential of the Criolla Grande grape.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional wine experience – order your bottle of Via Revolucionaria Criolla Grande ($19) from and embark on a journey of flavor that will leave you utterly captivated.

Cheers to the revolutionary taste of Criolla Grande!

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