A Case for Boxed Wine

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Like the screw cap, boxed wine has had a stigma attached to it. We’re starting to sense a pattern here. Anything veering away from the classic glass bottle and cork will always have its critics because… tradition.

As Tyler Colman pointed out in his New York Times op-ed, boxed wine could actually benefit the environment.

His primary argument hinges on the benefits of shipping box wine vs. bottled wine. Most of the population is east while most wine production is west. Wines making the trek to consumers are much lighter when packed in a box compared to glass. Lighter equals less carbon dioxide emitted from the trucks transporting them.

Another benefit is that boxed wine lasts longer. Since the spigot in the bigger boxes prevents air from entering, these boxes can last for weeks compared to the one to two days their glass counterparts do.

The box wines we carry prioritize quality and consumer. They partner with amazing vineyards and pass the savings from packing in a box onto the consumer.