A Deep Dive Into Sustainable Wine Practices

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Andrew Murray has been making sustainable wine since his vineyard was established in 1990.

Farming sustainably means looking out for the ecosystem of the land. That includes soil, air, water, and even wildlife. But what actions can a winery take to get there?

Over at the Wine Institute of California they outlined the major methods.


  • Winemakers introduce compost for nutrients
  • Cover crops are planted to reduce erosion


  • Vineyards can also reduce their carbon footprint by limiting tractor passes and using electric vehicles and biodiesel equipment


  • Use probes to track water levels to help conserve water
  • Programmable drip irrigation systems deliver water with precision, eliminating waste


  • Green corridors through the vineyard give wildlife access to natural resources
  • Trees and native plants are protected to attract natural predators (such as owls) and beneficial insects
  • Those same predators and insects serves as pest management so no pesticides here!
  • Oh, and did we mention chicken and sheep can help reduce weeds and pests?

These methods can also improve the quality of the wine. Night/early morning harvesting results in cooler grapes which reduces the need for refrigeration and nurtures acidic integrity when it’s turned into wine. What you’re getting in a sustainable bottle is a true ambassador for the land it came from.

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