Hanukkah Wine Pairings 2022

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Hanukkah falls from December 18 to December 26 this year. There’s candles to light, stories to be told, and delicious food to be eaten. Even if you’re not going the traditional route of deep frying your dishes (although how can you say no to latkes and sufganiyot?), we’ve got the pairings to cut through those rich flavors and elevate your meal.

Here are some bottles to brighten your Festival of Lights.

For latkes:
Ever wonder what to pair with a crispy potato pancake (besides sour cream or apple sauce)? It’s sparkling all the way. We love a Cava with latkes—Azimut ($18) tastes of orange blossom and zest, and has some savory and spiced notes. Taanug ($16) brings citrus and peach bubbles. And it’s Kosher!

To accompany that melt-in-your-mouth brisket:
With how many hours go towards cooking that perfect brisket, we’d be remiss not to partner it up with a worthy glass of red. The Altizi Cab Franc ($50) is flavored with big stewed fruit and tons of herbals. It’s perfect with slow roasts.

To sip while snacking on gelt:
Monteverdi Nocino ($68) is a walnut liqueur enriched with warming spices. Whether enjoyed alongside a humble night’s dreidel earnings, or had in a less competitive space, its syrupy goodness feels like a warm hug around a fire.