Let’s Talk Alsacian!

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Hugel Day is a celebration of all things Alsacian, and Tipsy is looking to revel in the yellow, red and gold festivities. This year’s slogan is “Let’s Talk Alsacian,” so let’s talk!

The Alsace region of France rests on the western bank of the Rhine, where it borders Germany and Switzerland. As a result, the culture of the region embodies rich influences from both Germanic and French roots. This can be found in the food, architecture, and especially the wine. This region is where the Famille Hugel has lived since 1639, and where their vineyards continue to flourish, 13 generations later.

You can find out more about the Famille Hugel and #HugelDay here.

Looking to experience that authentic Alsacian Terroir? Try these bottles!

Hugel Pinot Blanc Amours ($19) A romantic bouquet of soft peach blossoms and lemon verbena.

Hugel Gentil ($17) The illusion of bubbles, with a long, dry finish.