Natural Wine

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Natural Wine is either “low-tech, or no tech,” according to Jenny & François Selections, the team behind Gentle Folk Wines. Gentle Folk Wines take organic winemaking a step further—not only are there no additives, added sulfites, sugar, or stabilizers, but grapes are also hand-picked and soil is plowed between vines—this allows roots to dive deeper and soak up the tastes of the terroir!

Natural wines harness traditional wine-making methods, and in the words of the Jenny & François team:

“This philosophy of winemaking differentiates these wines from the all too common taste of technology-driven wines, and offers us what wines should — mystery, romance, and adventure!”

Each vintage of natural wine yields a distinct flavor, due to the low intervention after bottling. Flavors aren’t standardized, but instead exhibit the developing flavors of the vines and terroir.

This is Gentles Folk’s commitment—a return to “slow foods” and natural production methods, that respect the environment while also producing high quality wines that uniquely showcase the shifting flavors of Basket Range, Forest Range, Norton Summit, Summertown and Ashton in Australia.

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