Our Favorite Kosher Wines and Hanukkah Wine Pairings

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Manischewitz might be the world’s best-known kosher wine, but it doesn’t mean it’s your only option. At Tispy, we have a wide selection of kosher wines as delicious as your Hanukkah dinner. We also have pairings for the best part of your dinner: latkes and brisket.

If you’re looking for a kosher wine: The Dalton Chard, has bright tropical and citrus fruit notes, with hints of mango, kiwi, lime, melon with a clean finish, while the Bodegas Pinord Taanug Cava has notes of zesty citrus and peach, with delicate bubbles and a bright acidity. The Clotte Cazalis Sauternes 2011 has hints of apricot, orange marmalade and toffee.

What to pair with latkes and cream: We have two suggestions for your latke pairing. First, the Rebholz Pinot Blanc, which, with notes of peach, guava, pear and apple is alive with minerality. You could also try the Pine Ridge Chenin Viognier, a blend that enchants the note with a refreshing bouquet of succulent fruit and delicate florals, giving the wine a slightly off-dry finish.

What to pair with brisket: The main course of your meal deserves a wine that’s rich and full-bodied. Try the Magliano Altizi Cab Franc, a full-bodied, round, fresh and aromatic wine, with light smoky notes.