Tailfeather + Tipsy — Bringing Brooklyn More Wine Together

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Since January, Tailfeather Wine Bar has been serving natural and women made wine to the neighborhood in its own fun, stylish way. We’re excited to announce that Tipsy will be carrying some of your favorite Tailfeather wines so you can take them home or to your next party.

While the idea of a wine bar and a wine store selling the same bottles might sound counterintuitive, Tipsy owner Amanda Neville and Tailfeather owner Autumn Stanford agree that lifting each other up will bring a strong sense of community to Myrtle Avenue with wine flowing from more places!

Stay tuned for more about our collaboration such as joint fundraisers to support our neighborhood’s women’s shelters.

Next time you’re in the shop, look for the “If You Enjoyed It At Tailfeather” sign for our ever-changing selection of Tailfeather wines. Or peep our online collection.