Thanksgiving Side Pairings

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Mashed Potatoes - You’re a traditionalist and whether you’re classic mash or garlic, served with gravy or extra butter, you’re a staple on just about every Thanksgiving table.

Try a wine that’s just as classic as you are! A crisp Sauvignon Blanc balances out that richness with a zippy hit of acid. Sandy Cove Marlborough is as traditional (and delicious) as it gets.

Stuffing - You’re a bit of a chameleon, everyone has a slightly different idea about who you are. But whether you’re classically herby, cheesy, or spicy, you’re always amazing!

The rich, complex flavors of stuffing love a lighter, fruit-packed red like Pinot Noir. Johanneshof Reinisch is bright and nimble, a perfect match.

Sweet Potatoes - You’re the sometimes savory, sometimes sweet dish that no one can decide is dinner or dessert. You’re an anytime food, always ready for fun! And by fun, we mean marshmallows.

A rich, fruity Syrah like Love and Grapes will play well both with the earthy and sweet sides of this dish.

Green Bean Casserole - Maybe you’re not everyone’s favorite, but you don’t mind. You just do your own thing because you know your devoted fans will always go to bat for you.

The layered creamy flavors of this dish are calling for a light, refreshing white. Try the delightfully zippy Reichsrat Von Buhl Bone Dry or refreshing Pine Ridge Viognier.

Pumpkin Pie - You are warm and cozy, a little sweet, a little spicy - the perfect choice to wind down with at the end of a party.

Instead of coffee this year, try this rich, juicy Ruby Port that will truly elevate your dessert game.

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