The Fall Sale Harvest: BOE Friend Riesling

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Don’t let the haters shame you for picking a wine based on the label. If you’re at the shop, you can’t go wrong doing that. This bottle in particular is a domesticated zoo! And it’s all for a reason too.

A portion of the sales of this wine goes to Project Pet Food Safety; a cause to increase the regulations on the production of pet food. It’s winemaker Alie Shaper’s goal to raise awareness of pet food safety:

“Every year thousands of pets are affected by poorly made food. They are our companions and family members, sentient beings that require and deserve quality sustenance as much as humans. But there are very few regulations that govern pet food quality. In honor of my own friend, a portion of the sales of every bottle of Brooklyn Oenology ‘Friend’ Riesling will be donated to causes that support making food safe for all our friends.”

Oh, and did we mention this bottle is also vegan?

BOE Friend Riesling ($22) Light, versatile and all the goodness of a wine made with love.

Don’t forget to use the code “FALLSALE19” at check-out for 15% off this and other Fall Sale bottles!