Vodka with a Vision

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In 2020, Tom Jackson and Aaron Thorp established Supergay Spirits with a plan to infuse more joy and fun into the craft spirits industry. Their exceptional vodka is created in small batches using organic, ethically sourced corn and carefully plays with textures. Through their meticulous filtration process using activated charcoal made from coconut husks, they add an extra layer to the experience, resulting in a transcendent vodka with a silky feel and clean taste.

The appeal of Supergay Spirits extends beyond their exceptional product. It’s the embodiment of joy and the commitment to making a positive difference that really sets them apart. When asked about the big picture goal behind the brand on an episode of Vinepair’s “Next Round” podcast, Thorp explained:

“It was to create a space for something in the craft spirits industry. One, a space for something that was overtly, flagrantly queer, but also provided a sense of joy to what I felt, at least in working in the beverage industry in New York City, was lacking. I’ve seen a lot of products that are niche and super fun, but not quality. A lot of products that are really amazing quality are not so fun. To me, I wanted to bridge the gap between those two things.”

From “farm to disco,” Supergay Spirits embodies their love for spirits while actively working towards a better world. With a deep commitment to equality, inclusion, and hospitality, Supergay Spirits donates a portion of its proceeds to LGBTQIA+ organizations in New York, making a positive impact with every bottle.

Let’s all raise a glass to a brand that mixes craft spirits with inclusivity, celebration, and community care!

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