Complexity and Approachability—Janice McDonald

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Janice McDonald, is, in her own words, “living her dream” as a winemaker. She brings an artistry to her wines, which is celebrated through the multiple labels she works for—MadFish, Howard Park and Marchand & Burch. She’s won multiple awards for her combination of innovation and tradition, earning her a position in the top stratosphere of the Australian wine world.

Her background in chemistry and creative arts are likely the secret to her success, making her wine complex and approachable. When asked about how she tastes wines herself, she says:

“I think about drinkability. That’s what I try to achieve at Howard Park. Some wines transcend that and have an X factor but that doesn’t always happen. But a really drinkable wine is where all the quality parameters come together. I think about the flavours, the balance. Is it lasting? I don’t prise it apart too much.”

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