Women Winemakers: Roc des Anges’ Marjorie Gallet

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Marjorie Gallet and her husband Stéphane began making wine in the Vallée de l’Agly, considered [one of the most difficult places] (https://thesourceimports.com/producers/roc-des-anges/) in France to do so. That didn’t stop the then twenty-three year old from growing grapes while many others were departing the Balearic Sea adjacent region. Something worked, because their wines are now considered a wonderful expression of the land and yet evocative of wines from the famed Loire Valley.

Their fondness for the region extends to their vineyard’s name. A vein of quartz runs through the terroir which has led to the name Roc des Anges or rock of angels. If you were to visit Roc des Anges, chances are you’d find Marjorie working in the cellar by herself. She has even feng shui’d the place. This allows her to feel more connected to the wines.

After the popularity of their Le Roc des Anges label, Marjorie Gallet decided to source grapes from higher yielding regions and apply her winemaking approach for more viable commercially available wine. This led to the creation of Effet Papillon.

We proudly carry both their white and red blends. Give her work a taste today!

Roc des Anges Effet Papillon Blanc ($15) A crisp summer white filled with apricots and melons.

Roc des Anges Effet Papillon Rouge ($15) Full bodied, fruit and minerals.

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