Celebrating Earth Month

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As we celebrate Earth Month, let’s raise a glass to the winemakers who are working to protect our planet, and to the delicious wines that they produce. To kick off the celebration, here’s a crash course on what exactly makes a bottle natural, organic, sustainable, or biodynamic:

Natural wines are made using minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery. The grapes are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, but natural winemakers take this a step further by avoiding the use of any additives during the winemaking process, such as yeasts, enzymes, or fining agents - allowing the fermentation process to happen spontaneously. Natural winemakers also typically use very little to no sulfites. The resulting wine is often cloudy and unfiltered, with a unique and complex flavor profile that reflects the terroir of the region. While all natural wines are technically organic, not all organic wines are natural. The difference between the two lies in the winemaking process and the philosophy behind it. Organic winemakers aim to minimize the use of synthetic chemicals, while natural winemakers focus on working with nature to create a wine that is an expression of the grapes and terroir. Organic wine refers to wine made from grapes that have been grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Organic winemakers also avoid using GMOs and minimize their use of sulfites, a common preservative. Certification varies by country, but in general, it requires compliance with strict guidelines and regulations.

Sustainable wines are produced using methods that are designed to minimize the impact on the environment. This includes using renewable energy sources, conserving water, and reducing waste. Biodynamic wines are made using a holistic approach that involves using a range of natural preparations and practices to improve the health of the soil, the plants, and the animals that live on the vineyard. Biodynamic wineries often go beyond organic and sustainable practices, and prioritize the overall health of the ecosystem in which they operate.

Stay tuned this month as we dive into the world of “green” wine and highlight some of our favorite eco-friendly wineries. We’ve got natural, organic, biodynamic, and sustainable wines to share with you and they’ll all be available in-store at Tipsy!

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