Craft Spirit Pioneer—Tom Jackson

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Tom Jackson (co-founder of GAYLETTER magazine, and creative director at Mother) co-founded Supergay Spirits with business partner Aaron Thorpe (a veteran NYC beverage director), with the goal of making fun, high quality, local spirits that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community. Supergay Spirits combines the duo’s creative passions in design and craft distilling, with their love for New York City nightlife.

Tom explains the genesis of the company and its name in The OK Times:

“liquor’s a very hetero industry, like super hetero, even though the people who are serving drinks at bars and restaurants are, in a higher proportion, queer people […] there’s a tradition of nightlife and parties and clubs and bars in the queer community. Gay people love to drink and queer people love to drink. And queer people work in hospitality. So, it was almost like there was no brand that was trying to tap into that world and contribute to that world”

Supergay Spirits coconut-charcoal-filtered, corn-based vodka is organic, local to NYS, and a portion of all profits are donated to LGBTQIA+ organizations. Let’s toast to that!