Deepening Our Commitment

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A few years ago, in the “way before times,” we started working on a diversification project to support women, Black, Indigenous and people of color, and LGBTQIA+ folx working in the wine business.

We started with a fairly rigid focus on winemakers but ultimately broadened our scope to include brand owners and spokespeople, company leaders, and distributors—and not just in the wine we carry but in the spirits as well. Our thinking changed to recognizing that these groups are underrepresented throughout the industry.

We’ve brought in new products and increased representation across our product offerings steadily. Happily, the opportunities for folx who are members of underrepresented groups have grown substantially over time.

We continue to seek out makers who may experience discrimination due to gender, race or sexual orientation, and welcome them and their products into our store. Our due diligence also includes research into working conditions as well as diversity and equity throughout the company.

This month we’re excited to spotlight some of the LGBTQIA+ professionals that Tipsy supports. We love their products and we hope these spotlights encourage you to try them if you haven’t already.