Giving Locally: Our 2020 Social Responsibility Report

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    From the beginning, this business was intended to be a vehicle for doing good. And this year, when Tipsy was designated an “essential business,” that commitment felt more urgent and personal than ever. There’s always a loose plan for philanthropy but I also try to save room for pivots. In March, as our city became an epicenter of the pandemic in North America, that pivot was towards sharing our profits with people and organizations who were taking care of our community during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Below you’ll find a full list of our beneficiaries, which I offer as an accountability measure and for inspiration as you consider where to send your end-of-year donations. I invite you to learn more about them, give if that is within your means, follow them on social media or sign up for their email newsletters.

    The Ali Forney Center
    To support efforts to combat LGBTQ youth homelessness.

    BedStuy Strong
    Working towards food security by making deliveries to Bed Stuy individuals and families in need, and stocking the community fridge.

    Bring Back Brooklyn Fund
    Helping small businesses survive the economic crisis.

    Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
    Working to end pretrial detention and dismantle the prison industrial complex by paying bond to free immigrants from the horrific conditions of ICE detention.

    Clinton Hill Fort Green Mutual Aid
    Seeking to repair harm and create equity through redistribution and advocacy.

    Fort Greene NYCHA Mutual Aid
    Supporting NYCHA and temporary/shelter residents with grocery runs, pharmacy pick-ups and meal delivery.

    The Sanitation Foundation
    Bringing together innovators and the community to create a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable New York City.

    ICL’s Two Bridges Women’s Shelter
    Helping people living with mental illness, substance use and developmental disabilities live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

    Meals for East Flatbush First responders
    Feeding first-responders during the height of the pandemic with meals sourced from local restaurants.

    Myrtle Avenue BID
    Leading so many community programs including the weekly food delivery that started in late March and has grown to more than 1200 households in the Ingersoll, Whitman & Farragut Houses.

    Transportation Union Widows & Orphans Fund
    Supporting survivors of MTA workers.

    We’ve still got some giving left to do before the end of the year: On my list are the community garden, Myrtle Village Green, and the Fort Greene Park Conservancy.

    Most of these are based in Brooklyn, and all are in New York. It felt important to keep our dollars in the city we call home, and in that same spirit, I did more than give money: I volunteered (you can sign up here), advocated (add your voice here), said thank you, and amplified activism through Tipsy’s social media channels. Along with my daughter, I also marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protestors demanding racial justice.

    I set goals every year and am always looking for worthy organizations to support. Nominate your favorite local charity for future support! You can email your suggestions to I look forward to continuing to invest in this beautiful Brooklyn community.

    xo, Amanda