Refreshing an Old Classic

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It’s a beautiful sight.

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Fresh is best!

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    The Tom Collins gin cocktail is a great standby; it’s bubbly and citrusy in all the right ways. But sometimes these classics need a little makeover and Adam, who also works with one of our very favorite gin makers, Greenhook Ginsmiths, was just the one to do it! Last weekend he mixed up a new take on this tipple, adding fresh watermelon juice. We’re generous folk so we’ve included the recipe below. Happy summer!

    The June Collins

    In a cocktail shaker gently muddle two or three mint leaves and simple syrup. Add to the shaker the gin, watermelon juice, lemon juice, and ice, and shake the ingredients well. Strain into a Collins glass filled ice, top with club soda, and add a small sprig of mint as garnish.