Thanksgiving Pairings to Spice Up Your Holiday Feast

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The annual Thanksgiving feast is soon upon us! Here’s to togetherness, a chance to stuff yourself with delicious dishes, and to the guaranteed food coma that follows shortly after. With all of the turkeys to grill and/or roast (or even deep fry), the sides to cook, the desserts to bake and figuring out where to seat all of your guests, there’s definitely a lot of plates to spin. All of that planning can be stressful for some, so let the team at Tipsy lend a hand in taking care of the drink selection! We’ve got wines for any pairing or palate you can think of—there’s even a couple of other bottles that made their way to the party.

Here are our picks and pairings for any sort of spread.


We’re bubble crazy anyway, but with so much rich food on the table this time of year, don’t overlook sparklers as a way to cleanse the palate between bites:

Stephan Steinmetz Liaison Cremant Brut ($26) Stunning German Sparkler that’s great as a starter, but will absolutely go with the turkey and all the sides.

Marie Cabrit Thibault Roue Qui Tourne ($29) A sparkling Chenin Pet Nat that would be lovely with your holiday feast or your morning quiche and croissants!

Vigne Alice Marzemino M Fundo ($22) Vibrant red fruit, crispness and herbals that absolutely match up with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Chateau de Rouanne Sparkling Rosé ($30) One of our favorites at Thanksgiving. The red fruit and botanicals come through—great freshness and texture.


Gotta love a Chenin Blanc at Thanksgiving. The combo of richness, acidity, nuttiness and baked apples is perfect for the holiday feast. Here’s 3 that we think are absolutely worth it:

Ludovic Chanson Cabotines ($30) Sweet, nutty, with a mineral terroir. Acidic and structured.

Nicolas Joly Clos de La Bergerie Savennieres ($75) From one of the greatest biodynamic vineyards in France, embracing the natural beauty of the Loire Valley. Rich, earthy and really, really special.

Paumanok Vineyards Chenin Blanc ($28) Tart, crispy and fruity, with the natural sweetness of honey.


For cutting through those strong, roasted flavors, or as a conversation starter:

Dunites Pinot Noir ($50) New to the Tipsy store! Tiny production, silky, elegant and ripe SLO Coast Pinot from a husband-wife team.

Millton Pinot Noir ($31) Another new bottle! NZ pinot is cool climate, fresh and so, so good. From a guy who sleeps out among the vines at times to stay in touch with them.

Giovanni Almondo Barbera ($27) Ripe fruit and vibrant acid with an elegant texture—a great Thanksgiving choice.

Laura Lardy Gourde a Gamay ($22) A slam dunk Thanksgiving grape, Gamay never lets you down. This is a great everyday wine that’s oh so drinkable; you’ll want to stock up!

Don’t Forget the Cider!

We can’t let the grapes have all the fun! Fall is open to all fruits, friends and fermentations.

Eric Bordelet Poire ($18) Pear cider with a balance of tang, sweetness and vibrant mousse. Great with cheese and white meat.


After dinner indulgences, well worth the splurge:

Jean Luc Pasquet ($62) Organic and elegant cognac. Floral, spicy, structured.

Monteverde Nocino ($68) Walnut liquor, with flavors of gingerbread and allspice. We know someone who puts this in their pancake batter, but it’s pretty great to sip too.