Thanksgiving Wine Pairings for Everyone

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As important as it is to match wines with food, Thanksgiving brings about the even more exciting task of pairing wine with your guests! There is always a little anxiety around any holiday gathering, perhaps the pressure of too little food (as if), or mixing new friends with old, but once you put the wine out, mix up some cheerful cocktails, it will all be gravy.

At Tipsy we love to help our customers with food-wine pairing questions, but another question we love is: “I’m going to a friend’s for dinner, can you recommend a nice wine to bring?” From there questions from us may follow like, “What type of wine does your friend like?” “What are you all cooking?” This, is essentially Thanksgiving in a nutshell.

So, for whatever you are doing for the holiday, a Friendsgiving or a big event, here are some wines in the shop to try.

Hugel Gentil ($16)
The illusion of bubbles, with a long, dry finish. A refreshing accompaniment to your heavy meal.

Breganze Pinot Grigio Superiore ($13)
Classic lemongrass and light citrus in a velvet basket - great with that cheese plate!

Paris Rocchi Vernaccia Nera Secco Spumante – San Ginesio ($17)
Bubbly and fresh. A little sweet, a lot of fun and a great way to kick off the night.

Michel Torino Malbec Cuma Organic ($16)
Cherries, spice and everything nice. A pairing for that turkey and all the sides you throw at it.

La Croix Bonis ($27)
Easy and smooth for the red wine drinkers in your Thanksgiving group.

Siduri Wines Willamette Valley Pinot Noir ($29)
Red fruit with nice acidity and spice make for a great food wine. Pssst, open this and decant it in advance!