Weekly Spotlight: Amaro dell’Etna

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Delight in Amaro dell’Etna, a bright and bitter digestif that draws its essence from Sicily’s legendary Mount Etna.

Amaro dell’Etna finds its origins on the slopes of its namesake, Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe and a symbol of Sicilian grandeur. Amidst the rich, volcanic soil flourishes an array of herbs and aromatic plants, many of which are handpicked as the foundation of this liqueur’s 26 all-natural ingredients.

The journey from nature to bottle is a meticulous one. With great care, these herbs and plants undergo a thorough cleansing, have their aromas extracted, and are then combined with a water-sugar-based syrup. The liquid is left to age for a period exceeding two months, ultimately producing the rich, spiced flavors that define this traditional Italian staple.

Amaro dell’Etna entered the United States in 2017, bearing a three-hundred-year-old recipe that calls for bitter orange peel, licorice and vanilla. Less sweet than other amaro brands, this herbal liqueur boasts a savory and well-balanced flavor profile. Think spicy rhubarb, sarsaparilla, dried green herbs, and powdered cocoa.

Excelling as an after-dinner digestif and equally at home as an aperitif with ice, soda, and a slice of orange, Amaro dell’Etna is an intense, savory-sweet gift from the heights of Sicily.

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